Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I Agree with Tim Gunn: The Fashion Industry Needs to Design for Size 12 and Up Women

I have to agree with this assessment.
Gunn, one of the biggest names in fashion, wrote in a Washington Post essay that designers “refuse to make clothes to fit American women,” calling it not just a poor business decision, but also “a disgrace.”

“Actually I’ve been saying this for a very long time,” Gunn, 63, said today on “Good Morning America”. “Christian Siriano and his work for Leslie Jones for the premiere of ‘Ghost Busters’ was really the catalyst for this Washington Post article. I’ve been an advocate for women who are larger than a size 12 for many, many, many years. And there are 100 million of them, so why doesn’t this industry wake up?”
I think it might just be easier to design for human coat-hangers because designers have been doing it for decades. It takes the skill of someone like Siriano to design for a bigger woman. I think there is just too many Karl Lagerfelds with his fat shaming.

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catherine richards said...

Size 12 isn't plus sized...Marilyn Monroe was a 16...