Monday, July 24, 2017

Wake Up @GOP: You will Lose the House if the Election Was Held Today According to Poll

They need to get something done and they have about a year to do it.
The latest polling data shows that in a generic ballot question asking voters which party should run Congress, Democrats are pulling a nine-point lead in an average of polls, put together by Real Clear Politics.
"In my opinion, it's just a question of the sooner they realize it, the faster you get tax reform," said Daniel Clifton, Strategas head of policy research. He said the generic ballot was even on Election Day, and now gives Democrats an advantage, which suggests they could win about 30 seats in the House if the election were held now.
I'm not sure how he gets 30 seats from 9 point advantage but it should still freak out GOP leaders. If the Dems win in 2018 then we will have years of investigations, doomed impeachment votes, and other assorted waste of time things.

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