Friday, July 14, 2017

I Feel Sorry for @realDonaldTrump : This Le Jules Verne $216 Menu Sounds Awful to me

They would have a lot of food left if I had to eat this stuff.
The night’s meal, which was prepared by legendary chef Alain Ducasse (seen in the photo below), featured a selection of pate; tomato, eggplant, and zucchini; Dover sole, spinach and Hollandaise; filet of beef, brioche with foie, souffle potato with truffle sauce; warm strawberry with yogurt sorbet; and hot chocolate souffle with chocolate ice cream.
First of all pate with eggplant and zucchini just sounds like something you would give to prisoners. I would simply pick off the tomatoes and leave the rest. How pate is made sounds terrible as well.

Dover sole sounds like it might have bones. I like spinach and I like Hollandaise sauce but both together sounds like a not so good combo. I would have filled up on the filet of beef because that sounds good.

Then I would scrape the foie off of the brioche. I would like a souffle potato on its own but with truffle sauce? Sounds like it would be salty. Finally I would double up on the deserts because they sound really good.

Also I wonder if Trump got two scoops of that chocolate ice cream? Or maybe there was an international strong arm with Macron getting two scoops and Trump only getting one? MSM get on that!

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