Monday, July 24, 2017

Dems Stop Talking about the Minimum Wage: Most People Want to Make Much More

It seems that the Dems are constantly short-changing America.
The new plan presents Democrats as the party creating jobs; offering job training; keeping healthcare costs low while making college affordable; and pushing higher wages including a hike in the minimum wage. The plan is called: “A Better Deal — Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”
This is the “strong, bold, sharp-edged and common sense economic agenda” Schumer promised in a television interview last month.
Okay I am all for job training so I agree with that. Keeping healthcare costs low is what Obamacare was supposed to do and that failed. Hiking minimum wage is not something that will create new jobs for the most part. In fact it will probably cost jobs because it makes robots more and more attractive cost wise. Just ask residents of Seattle how their wage hike is going.

Making college affordable is incredibly dubious because college seems to be more an indoctrination mill than a place to learn skills that turn into higher earning. Too many safe spaces and not enough entrepreneurial skill training and such. Plus, it gets more and more people into crushing debt before they earn dollar one in the working world.

If the Dems talked about apprenticeship programs or creating a 21st century blue-collar workforce then they might win some working-class Trump supporters. Instead the Dems offer the same old crap. Trying to raise the minimum amount instead of pushing people to make the maximum amount. I think they need to can Schumer and get some young turks in there to change things up.

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