Wednesday, July 19, 2017

#TMobile Crushes Earnings: Time to Go Long?

They look like they are hitting on all cylinders.
Earnings fly past estimates
EPS: 67 cents per share vs. 38 cents per share expected by a Thomson Reuters consensus estimatesRevenue: $10.21 billion vs. $9.81 billion expected by a Thomson Reuters consensus estimateThat's up compared to earnings of 25 cents per share on revenue of $9.29 billion in the year-ago period.
They went higher on the top and bottom line. Plus it seems that they might be winning the unlimited plan war that is going on now. We are also going into the iPhone 8 buying season in a few months so that might get quite a few people to go back into their wireless stores. The stock went from $68 down to $61 because competition is heating up.

I like the idea that they added 1.3 million more customers though. This article also talks about how they seem to be ramping up in corporate data plans as well. I think companies might want their workers to have unlimited plans and use the wireless access point to connect a laptop or what-have-you. I know that whenever we see a vendor that brings their own internet connection we really know they are on the ball.

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