Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wait: Climate Models Don't Take into Effect Clouds?

This is why it is so hard to say that Climate Science is "settled science."
Climate models have failed to account for mid-level clouds in the tropics. New satellite analysis of tropical clouds has revealed their ubiquity, as well as their underappreciated cooling effect. Thin, tropical clouds form at an altitude of roughly three miles, often near convective clouds. The latest analysis suggests they help cool the climate.
You would think that these clouds would be really hard to model and I guess that is what happened. That's why predictions of 10 degrees of warming or whatever in 100 years are so hard to swallow for many. If it is hard to model the climate now how are we supposed to take these numbers 100 years into the future? There might be man made warming but we need more information before we change societies and keep the Chinese and Indians in poverty indefinitely. 

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