Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Draconian Insanity Watch: NBC Edition: Wait you Cannot Use the Theme Song or Rings in News Coverage?

I haven't been paying attention but I guess this is why ESPN SportsCenter's top plays are all baseball and no Olympics at all.

Tomasulo lamented the lack of WGN Chicago’s Olympics coverage, which, per NBC’s rules, can include only two minutes of video and must contain a three-hour gap between programs. And those minuscule video rights are just the beginning.

“We’re not even allowed to use the Olympic theme song this year,” Tomasulo said. “Did you know that? And we can’t even incorporate the Olympic rings in any of our unique graphics. We have to show the whole thing or not at all.”

So they can show a 2 minute highlight and then wait 3 hours? And you cannot use the symbol or the theme song at all? Now that is getting pretty stupid.

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