Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Trump has Built in Excuse for Potential Epic Loss: "It Was Rigged"

I mean he has to blame someone.
The poll of North Carolina voters, which showed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton up by 1 percentage point, found that 69% of Trump's supporters thought that if Clinton wins the election, it will be because it's rigged. Just 16% thought it would be because she got more votes than Trump.

Among all of those surveyed in the poll, 51% said a Clinton victory in the election would be because she won more votes, while 36% said it would be the result of a rigged election. The remaining 13% were unsure whether a Clinton victory would be the result of election rigging.
That is a pretty wide margin and it would effect Hillary governing. I mean if the idea of an illegitimate President who "stole the election" catches on good luck getting that 36% to back anything she does.

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