Tuesday, August 09, 2016

This should be changed to "Kid Potentially Ruins Life By Going to Cornell at 12"

I really think this is a bad idea.
Twelve-year-old Jeremy Shuler will attend Cornell University this fall, The Ithaca Journal reported.

The preteen genius, from Lubbock, Texas, plans to major in engineering, the same field in which both of his parents work.

"I was excited when I found out I got accepted to Cornell,” Shuler told Texas Tech Today. “It is the best choice for me.”
No the best choice is to stay in high school and graduate with the rest of your class while interning or taking courses on the side. This might be part of why he is leaving early. The "history factor."
Perhaps even more astonishingly, if he graduates on time at 16, he will be the youngest student ever to graduate from Cornell.
Yay! He will have a college degree at 16 then wait 4 years or more to get a job. Who would hire a 16 year old engineer? He would not have the maturity or people skills to work with people that will probably be in their mid to late 20s working at an engineering firm. Hopefully he goes on the Doctorate tract so he can stay in school until he is in his 20s.

One bad thing is he gets to miss everything about high school that would give him the shared experience of his peers. So no prom, no first girlfriend so no first kiss, no first high school party, no sports or extra curricular activities with other kids his age like marching band or football. He passes all of that up to be able to go to college 8 years early and have to go to class with 18 year old freshmen who will probably strait-up ignore him. I'm pretty sure you don't want the 12 year old at the dorm mixer anytime soon. He's going to be the loneliest kid on earth.

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