Thursday, August 11, 2016

Trump Will Now Lose the Election: Admits that He will Not Change Idiodic Style to Win and Instead Go Down in Flames

Well Hillary can really start measuring the drapes because Trump does not want to change is style to win.
Republicans have long hoped Trump will pivot on his behavior, but in the "Squawk Box" interview, he said:

"I'm a truth teller. All I do is tell the truth. And if at the end of 90 days, I've fallen short because I'm somewhat politically correct even though I'm supposed to be the smart one and even though I'm supposed to have a lot of good ideas, it's OK. I go back to a very good way of life." 
He is looking at getting back to his post election life. That means he thinks it is over and Hillary has it sewed up. This is confirmation of all the conspiracy theories about him not wanting to actually govern as the President and instead just wanting to win the job as a jewel in the crown.

He will now say it is rigged and a few months later will launch the Trump News Network and the Trump Media Group. His next billion is now in the bag and he doesn't even have to deal with contractors, cement costs, or build any new high rises. The jokes on the GOP and the American people. 

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