Friday, August 12, 2016

Arrogant, Whiny American Womens Soccer Team Loses to Sweden

Well looks like they finally got their comeuppance.

The Americans were the towering favorites. Sweden had managed just two goals in its three group stage goals, and one of those had come in a 5-1 hammering at the hands of the hosts Brazil – which the U.S. was widely expected to face in Tuesday’s semifinal.
But whereas the Americans reportedly already had a plan outlined for another post-championship victory tour, Sweden had a plan for this game.
Don't plan the tour until you win the hardware. I was a big fan of them up until they were scheduled to play in Hawaii and did this.
If there is a legal fight, it could get messy quick. U.S. Soccer made two separate agreements, one with Stadium Authority and one with the Hawaii Tourism Agreement. The Stadium Authority relationship called for the USWNT to play rent-free, collect ticket revenue and control broadcast and photo rights. Stadium Authority's revenue would be made off food, beverage and parking.

Stadium Authority gave U.S. soccer a seven-day window to inspect the field -- but they didn't.
This is the same field that a high school football team played on the night before and the Pro Bowl would play on in a month. The problem I had was that it was cancelled at 9pm the night before the event. They had 7 days to inspect the field and cancel but they waited until the last possible moment to pull out so the field could not get fixed in time. 

So Hawaii had all sorts of egg on their faces and we didn't get a chance to see the heroic US Womans World Cup winning team. People had their tickets refunded but they were out their travel expenses or hotel room bills. Also Hope Solo tweeting a pic of the turf being pulled up in the link above was actually on the sideline and not on the playing field I remember hearing on the news.

In any case they complained about the field yet again this time in the Olympics.
The USA, having complained about the state of the field ahead of the game, quickly threatened when an Alex Morgan header was cleared off the line and a Morgan Brian shot saved by Hedvig Lindahl in the third minute. But their attack soon fizzled as the Swedes consolidated their defense.
The Swedes didn't complain about the field and they still won on PKs. 

I really loved the USWNT when they won the World Cup and I believe they should be paid the same as the men's team. However, with Hope Solo's many legal troubles then whining about Zika and Abby Wambach getting arrested for DUI they just look terrible. Maybe losing to Sweden a year after the World Cup will provide a wake up call for them.


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