Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Hillary Pulls Away in Latest Polls: I Blame Trump Going After Gold Star Family

I think Trump is cooked. He picked a fight with the wrong people at the wrong time. This will be his "49% moment" or the "Dean Scream"
The poll shows Clinton leading Trump, 46 percent to 34 percent, among registered voters and finds a similar margin for Clinton among likely voters
A double digit lead would be very hard to overcome especially with these factors.

Trump is losing by a wide margin among white women with a college degree, a typically Republican group. Mitt Romney won this group by 6 percentage points in 2012, but Clinton leads Trump among this group, 57 percent to 27 percent.
He is getting smashed in this group that is traditionally GOP. I think they just don't like how he treats women and how he treats people in general. It's hard to back a loudmouthed bully.
Another warning sign for Trump: 2 in 3 voters say Trump lacks the temperament to be president. Only 27 percent say he has the right temperament for the job — a new low for the candidate in Monmouth’s polls.
I think this is a direct result of him going after the Gold Star family after the Democratic Convention. I read that 60% of Republicans disapproved of him doing that and some wide margin "strongly disapproved" of the action. It was a huge unforced error and I think it will cost him the election. I think only Putin can save him from a record defeat and maybe only if Hillary is perp-walked.

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