Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Um Dump This Girl: Woman Turns Down Proposal After the Ring Wasn't 1 Carat

Wow this guy needs to find a new girl ASAP.
If he liked it he should’ve put a bigger ring on it. 
That’s the message one woman sent to her boyfriend after rejecting his elaborate proposal because the diamond on the engagement ring was too small. 

The poor anonymous guy was down on one knee, surrounded by dancers he’d hired specially and being watched by dozens of onlookers, when his girlfriend turned and walked off. 
Apparently it takes 1 carat or more to buy this girls love:

A screenshot of a WeChat conversation allegedly between her and a friend was later leaked online and was published alongside the story. 

In the message, the girlfriend reveals her insecurities about the proposal, saying that “he agreed to buy me a diamond ring as large as one carat. 

“Why was this one so small? Is he so careless or has he ever cared about me?" 
Hmm she may have misstated her intentions. As large as doesn't mean one carat. She should have told him larger than one carat. That's the "price for caring."

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