Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Front Runners are Now Cruz and Trump: The One-Two Punch of Blow-hard Idiots

I guess I am going to seriously consider voting for Hillary if any of these knuckleheads become the GOP nominee.
Cruz’s momentum over the past month, as Ben Carson supporters migrated to his side, has led Trump to target the senator, branding him a “maniac” this past weekend. Cruz has tried to defuse the tension, but Trump’s improbable stretch as frontrunner has continued in part because of his willingness to attack opponents. Throughout the year, Trump has touted his dominance in polls and made it a key part of his brand. He will fight hard to avoid slipping into second place.

I am on record as saying that both of these guys would actually be worse for this country than Hillary, and that is saying a lot. The whole "no Muslims allowed" thing by Trump disqualifies him from being President. You cannot trade freedom for feigned safety. And Ted Cruz is totally insane so he cannot be allowed to have his finger on the button by any stretch of the imagination.

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