Monday, December 28, 2015

I Agree with Bob Dole: I Hate Ted Cruz as Well #LoseCruz

Well, Bob Dole isn't afraid to call it like he sees it.
In a question about what Dole makes of Trump, the former Senate leader quickly turned matters to Cruz. "He's not traditional Republican conservative," Dole said of the Texan. "Achievements are shutting down the government twice, and calling the Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, a liar on the Senate floor. It violates the rules of the Senate.  And he doesn't have a single Senate supporter."

Later, Mitchell probed as to whether Dole could or would vote for Trump next November. Dole said he would because he can't bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton. Then she asked about Cruz, and Dole joked, "I might oversleep that day," before adding: " 'Cause he used to make these speeches.  'Remember President Dole, do you remember President McCain.' The inference was that we were all a bunch of liberals, and only he is a true conservative.  And he uses the word 'conservative' more than he ever uses the word 'Republican.'  So, it would be difficult."
I will go on the record for voting for Hillary twice before I would vote for idiot Cruz or maybe I will oversleep on that day as well. I think President Cruz are the two most dangerous words in the English language right now.

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