Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Mike Holmgren Wants to Coach the 49ers? Sign Him NOW and Give him all Football power that he needs

It seems this future Hall of Fame coach wants the job.
Holmgren's resume is impressive. As the coach of the Packers and Seahawks, Holmgren amassed a 161-111 record, winning a ring in 1996 and reaching the Super Bowl two more times later in his career, which ended after the 2008 season. Most recently, Holmgren served as the president of the Browns -- a job that didn't go as planned. In Holmgren's three years in Cleveland, the Browns went 14-34. Holmgren's tenure ended following the 2012 season and he admitted last year that he should've coached the Browns.
Have him pick the best QB they can get their hands on and rebuild the program from the ground up.

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