Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ben Carson is Done: Campaign Manager and Spokesman both Resign

Well it seems that the short moment that Carson had as the potential President nominee is just about over.
The resignations of Barry Bennett, the campaign manager, and Doug Watts, his spokesman, came as they were about to be dismissed, the campaign said, and as Mr. Carson had been sliding in polls amid questions about his grasp of foreign policy and scrutiny of his own biographical narrative.
I think whoever it was who decided to leak his spotty grasp foreign policy pretty much torpedoed his campaign. I think showing that he was a neophyte when the world seems in turmoil is not something Americans need.

Actually needing marathon sessions to bone up on foreign policy was a serious red flag in my opinion. It really shows that Carson was not following foreign affairs at all and that is a huge part of the Presidents job. He needs to know that Hamas is not pronounced Hummus and know that fact from years of experience not from a cram session by some expert. We had an untested guy at President learning on the job for 8 years. We cannot have that again.

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