Wednesday, December 23, 2015

It Seems ISIS is Losing is Starting to Bleed New Recruits

This is very encouraging news I think.
Interestingly, Neumann's research also suggested the pace of defections was growing, seeming to corroborate the defectors' testimony that ISIS is facing growing recruitment and retention problems.

"What we can say for sure, based on our data, is that the numbers [of defections] are increasing," he explained. "Two-thirds of all of the public defections happened this year; one-third alone happened in the last three months."
One thing that give me pause however is maybe the recruits would rather stay home and live with the comforts of the 1st world and plot Jihad like the San Bernadino attackers. That would be far more dangerous than rounding everyone up in a terribly poor "Caliphate" dodging bombs all day long.

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