Thursday, December 17, 2015

I Agree With O'Reilly: Trump is a Think-Skinned Whiner: No One is Treating Him "Fair!"

Yeah wait until he has to make decisions about ISIS or Putin and whines about them "not being fair."
Trump fires near-daily broadsides against various media outlets that he feels cover him unfairly. Ahead of the Tuesday-night debate, Trump furiously tweeted not only at CNN, but also at Fox News, which he said was "not fair" in its coverage. Trump further attacked Fox host Megyn Kelly, whom he called "dopey," and various Fox pundits.

"You want to be president," O'Reilly said. "Tweet about Putin. Tweet about ISIS. I mean, it looks petty. It looks petty. Don't you think it looks petty? Don't you think it looks petty?"
Trump disagreed with O'Reilly and said he was simply calling out inaccuracies in the media.
The media will soon be the least of his worries if he does by some miracle he becomes President. Also the constant bragging about his poll numbers is idiotic as well. He has such a fragile ego. 

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