Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wait the Electors of the Electoral College Want a Secret Intelligence Briefing?

Yeah I'm sure all of these idiots have a TS Clearance so it would be an easy sell.
Ten members of the Electoral College have signed a letter urging the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to provide them with classified briefings on Russia’s hacking and cyber involvement in the U.S. elections.
Christine Pelosi, Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi’s daughter, who serves as an elector from California, spearheaded drafting the letter and referred to the request as a “day pass” so that electors could be fully read-in before they cast their votes next week.
I think they need day care and not a "day pass." They really think they are so important that the NSA will give them classified information so they can feel better about casting their votes for Hillary? She won California so Ms. Pelosi (nepotism much?) will cast her vote against Trump anyway. Why do they need to get a "day pass?" Is is just so they can leak whatever Top Secret findings on the hacking to the press? 

In any case there will be a Congressional committee on the hacking. They will probably find Russia backed groups hacked Hillary's email (along with like 8 other countries and the NSA,) the DNC had terrible Cyber-security, and Podesta got his email spear-fished. Then the Dems will blame the election on Russia and not do any changes to re-connect with working class voters. Then they will run some easily beatable person like Elizabeth Warren in 2020 and get walloped again. I think 8 years of Trump and a filibuster-proof margin in the Senate looks very do-able for the GOP with these idiots running things.

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