Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Jade Helm Part Deux! C-130 Seen Circling Low Above Midtown Manhattan: Coup d'état Against Trump or Routine Exercises? #LookOutDonald

Hmm "routine military exercises" you say?
A military aircraft that was seen circling midtown Manhattan in New York City on Tuesday afternoon was taking part in a routine exercise, an official for the National Guard says.
“That was a standard military training flight from the New York Air National Guard from the 106th Rescue Wing, and they are based at Gabreski Air National Guard Base in Westhampton in Long Island,” Col. Rich Goldenberg, public information officer for the New York National Guard, told Yahoo News.
A military exercise involving training flights flying this low over Manhattan is more of a “rare occurrence,” Goldenberg said, “but it does occur from time to time.”
It looks like a regular C-130 Hercules at first glance but if it was an AC-130 Spectre Gunship then we have some room for concern. I'm pretty sure they couldn't get away with it firing that Bofors gun a few times at Trump Tower and saying it was a gas leak explosion or something. But maybe there is a rogue "terrorist" at the helm (or maybe mind-controlled Project Ultra types) or even a remote controlled version. That compromised Gunship would then fire on Trump Tower when Pence is there and wipe them both out before they are sworn in. 

Then what would happen? Would Obama stay President for a few months until there was a re-vote? Would Hillary become President by default? Would Mitch McConnell become President? Or maybe it is just a surveillance flight as part of the security detail for the President-elect. That would make much more sense then a Coup d'état because Jade Helm turned out to be a nothing. I bet this is the same kind of thing but its fodder for Conspiracy nuts like me.

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