Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Strait-up Hagiography by Historians on Obama's Legacy #SaintObama

I'm not sure how I got through this whole thing but it is really a case-in-point on how fervent the echo-chamber encased liberal academic sees the world.
People will see the sheer caliber of this man. The grace and poise with which he conducted himself in unbelievably difficult circumstances; the way he withstood abuse and disrespect with extraordinary calm and goodwill. He will in his post-presidency become a symbol, maybe somebody we need more than when he was president, to remind us of what it is to be dignified in public life. Especially if this hideous monster who’s succeeding him continues to despoil the public culture.
We have to remember, Obama is leaving office having been elected twice by a majority and with approval ratings that are matching Reagan’s. If he had a successor who could continue that, then he would be in the epic position to be the architect of the entire twenty-first century.
It may be, in my view, that the counterreaction is so perverse and so destructive that we will return to this figure as the cornerstone of our future. And he is young. At some point in the future, with the possible bloodshed and civil unrest in this country that we’re about to engage in, he may be a key person as a post-president—a bit like a monarch who might be able to hold us all together.
This part is what Andrew Sullivan wrote. He sounds like someone that has an Obama altar in his house or something. It's almost like he wants to see bloodshed and civil unrest (which I am almost certain will never come to pass) so that he can pine for the halcyon days of the Pax Obama. Maybe he should look into making Obama divine like they did for the former Emperors of Rome.

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