Friday, December 16, 2016

Oy Vay! 30% of Jews Backed Trump?

That is the highest Jewish vote for a Republican since 1988.
An estimated 30 percent of American Jews voted for Trump, the highest Jewish vote for a Republican since 1988. Among religious Jews, anecdotal evidence suggests, support for Trump was overwhelming. But most Jewish Republican leaders backed Hillary Clinton or minor candidates in the general election while opposing Trump in terms that often climbed the walls of hysteria.
I didn't know that these Jewish neocons mentioned above went after Bannon with such fervor. However, it seems that Bannon isn't an anti-Semite after all.
As it happens, I have spent some time with Steve Bannon, and I—like other Jews of his acquaintance—observe that he is exuberantly pro-Israel and as friendly to Jews as any Gentile I know. After reading Podhoretz’s accusation, I examined every article published on Bannon’s Breitbart website during the past years containing the search terms “Israel” or “Jews” and found that all were pro-Israel and friendly to Jews without a single exception. Facts are facts, and Commentary’s shrillness stems from hysteria more than outrage. 
I figured most of the Alt-Right and others in the right wing of the GOP were wildly pro-Israel and the anti-Israel people were on the far left. Almost all of the anti-Semitic nonsense coming out the US were from academics like Joy Karega and denizens of the far left on both sides of the Atlantic.

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