Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Dems Really are the Job Destroyers: Fires Entire Media Center Staff One Week Before Christmas

I guess these are the heads they decided to have roll.
With Christmas days away, nearly every member of the Senate Democratic Media Center has been fired, a senior Democratic aide confirmed to Fox News. Schumer swung the axe on Friday, according to Politico, which first obtained “goodbye” emails from staffers, including some with decades' experience.
The move comes amid plans to revamp the unit, which handles video content, in an effort to help the Senate Democratic caucus get their message out in the New Year. The party not only lost the presidential race, it failed to capture the Senate or House and lost state legislative races throughout the country.
Read, younger and hipper I should think. I'm not sure how that will break them out of the East/West Coast+ Blue City trap they have themselves in though. More celebrity videos that the rest of America seems to tune out is not something special or new.

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