Thursday, December 15, 2016

I Know Richard Sherman is a Blowhard but I think He should be Football Commissioner After Reading This

I always knew he was a very smart, sophisticated guy (and seems like a giant asshole) but this is one interesting take on Thursday Night football.
I guess this is what happens when you have people in suits who have never played the game at this level dictating the schedule. I’d like to put Roger Goodell in pads for a late game on a Sunday, in December, in Green Bay, on the frozen tundra — then see what time he gets to the office on Monday morning, knowing that he would have to suit up again on Thursday.
Then maybe he’d understand….
I think Thursday Night games are a bad idea and no-one should be playing a physically demanding game as football on a short week. Sherman says that there should be a mandatory bi-week before a Thursday game and they should get rid of a Pre-season game to make up for it. That sounds like a great idea. Give the players the same amount of time to heal as if it was a Sunday night game. Seems like a simple fix.

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