Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Surprisingly America Approves of Arizona's Immigration Law

I find these polls quite eye-opening for the most part.

A new Pew Research Center Poll finds fully 73% of the country thinks police requesting immigration status documents is fine, while 67% think detaining someone for a status check is OK.

The poll reports that, overall, 59% approve of the law's broad provisions, while less than a third (32%) now oppose them. That is up significantly from a similar poll earlier this month.

Democrats, a large majority of whom originally opposed the law, are now....

... evenly split 45-46% approve-disapprove. The number of Democrats supporting the measure has been growing as more information spreads about its legal provisions and safeguards.

That last part really seems like a change to me. I think this is all due to the job situation. The idea of illegals doing "jobs Americans don't want to do" disappears when there are people out there who haven't had a job in 2 years. The idea of people not paying their fair share seems to not apply only to the rich. Also if you are a legal immigrant this all must be really galling as well.

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