Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama Militarizes the Mexican Border

I have to say it is about time we secure the border.

Obama will also request $500 million for border protection and law enforcement activities, according to lawmakers and administration officials. The moves come as chances for action on comprehensive immigration reform, Obama's long-stated goal, look increasingly small in this election year. But Obama is under pressure to do something with the issue front and center after Arizona's passage of a tough crackdown law.

I'm not sure if national guardsmen are supposed to do law enforcement activities unless we are under marital law. So I'm not sure if they will be setting up checkpoints or flying drones around to catch illegals sneaking into the country. It doesn't fit the Constitutional smell test but I guess they can swing it by saying it is to protect national security.

I can see Glenn Beck saying that these national guardsmen are going to take over law enforcement from the Arizona PD and create a communist "police state." Then they will be used for other nefarious purposes like setting up camps for conservatives or something.

I hope he doesn't take the bait because conservatives have been clamoring for this for years and Obama is giving them what they want. In fact I think 1200 isn't enough and we need to mobilize at least 5000 or more to fan out along the entire border. I mean the drug gangs are getting through along with the illegals and it is a matter of time before they simply take over a border town (or just build an out of the way compound) to use as a transshipment point. Hmm I wonder if we can have US National Guard vs. the Zetas on Spike's Deadliest Warrior show?

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