Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2012 Olympic Mascots: What the Hell are the Brits Thinking?

What are these monsters supposed to be?

They are supposed to be called Wenlock (L) and Paralympic mascot Mandeville (R.) But it appears that Wenlock is an avowed Nazi by giving us his best Hitler Salute. He might be a bit confused because he looks like he has the hand of communist rebellion emblazoned on his chest. Or maybe it is a hand holding a grenade it is hard to tell.

While Mandeville appears to have wet his pants or has conspicuously displayed his crotch for some horrible reason. Plus both of them have grotesquely staring cyclopean eyes. No wonder Obama hates Britain if this is the horror show they come up with for Olympics mascots.

I wonder what would be wrong with a cartoon lion wearing a Coldstream Guard outfit? Or maybe a bulldog with a appropriately English looking hat? Even a plate of anthropomorphous fish and chips would have been better then the Nazi cyclops and his pal the cyclops that had an "accident" in his pants.

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