Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Interesting Insight on How to Get rid of Kim in North Korea

I had no idea that North Korea has been set up in such a way to make almost all dissent practically impossible. Also the idea of using hunger and forced labor as a way to hold on to power if monstrous and shows how Kim certainly took Stalinist method to heart. However, there is one small glimmer of hope that capitalism can conquer all:

For all of these reasons, North Korea could not and still cannot develop the kind of dissident infrastructure that grew in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. But within this bleak picture, one institution has finally emerged that the state cannot crush: the free market. Markets now provide most of the food that North Koreans eat, and increasingly, they also deliver cell phones, radios, DVD players, and South Korean consumer goods, junk food, movies, and TV programs:

Where there is cell phones there is the seeds of a rebellion. The case-in-point is what happened in Iran. If Obama had been JFK and supported the Green Rebellion we might have had a regime change. Instead he stood on his hands and let the protesters get killed and thrown into jails. I think the US, South Korea, and China needs to start bombarding North Korea with the free market.

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