Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Federal Oil Watchdogs on Meth and watching Porn at Work?

I guess they can now apply for a job at the SEC since their porn credentials are all in order.

In a related matter, the Interior Department's acting inspector general outlined in a memo released online Tuesday that a number of inspectors with the Minerals Management Service have fraternized with oil industry employees and that MMS employees may have been under the influence of crystal methamphetamine at work. Mary L. Kendall also told Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in a report that some MMS employees viewed pornography while at work and passed it on to other employees.

Wow meth and porn that must be some kind of record for a federal agency. I wonder if the inspector that checks the blow-out protector actually had a mess of video files open when he should have been looking at the things safety record. Or maybe he confused the blow-out protector with actual blow. I guess you can finally say "these inspectors must be smoking meth" and actually be right on the money.

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