Friday, October 15, 2010

Yet Another Blow to the Green Movement: Kyoto Protocol Seems to Have Been a Failure

Well it is rare to say that the Senate actually did a good job on something but dodging the Kyoto Protocol seems to have been a very good idea judging from these findings.

The left leaning Guardian newspaper in Britain let the cat out of the bag yesterday, reporting that while the EU’s emission of CO2 declined by 17% between 1990 and 2010, this apparent progress was bogus.  If you add up the CO2 released by the goods and services Europeans consumed, as opposed to the CO2 thrown off by the goods and services they produced, the EU was responsible for 40% more CO2 in 2010 than in 1990. The EU, as the Guardian puts it, has been outsourcing pollution — and jobs — rather than cutting back on greenhouse gasses.

EU “progress” on greenhouse gasses in the last twenty years was a mirage.  And the only reason that the EU can pretend to look green is that it was outsourcing economic growth to countries like China.  Those 95 US senators were totally right; twenty years of the Kyoto Protocol have brought the world twenty years of rising greenhouse gas emissions and twenty years of job migration to low wage, low regulation havens in the Third World.

These Senators knew that this production would just leave the US and head to China. I mean China and India didn't care about Kyoto since they were still considered "developing." So it seems that Kyoto was pretty much an example of Europe outsourcing their growth to China in return for feeling good that they are "greener-than-thou."

This is why Copenhagen was such a good dodge by the rest of the world. All Copenhagen was was a way for poorer countries to score the productive wealth of rich countries with a moral justification as the threat. If you don't give my country X-billion to combat Climate Change then you are evil and want to see my people starve and drown when the icecaps melt.

The funny part is that these nations would probably combat Climate Change by buying more tanks and helicopters to destroy their neighbors/settle old scores with hated rivals/buy a Swiss Chalet. 

I'm sure the Russians or the Red Chinese would be happy to cash in these countries Climate Change Bucks for a couple hundred T-90 tanks, HY-2 Silkworm missiles, Shenyang fighter-bombers. I mean it is not like they have to hobble their economies by reducing their carbon footprint.

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