Monday, November 14, 2016

The DNC kind of Forgot About Hispanics: Not as Diverse as they Claim

I guess this is yet another reason why they lost the election.
“There was only one other Hispanic in the entire third floor,” Manriquez said of his time at the DNC. “And when I did see one I had to speak to them in Spanish so people wouldn’t try to undercut us from doing our job.”
Both Morales and Manriquez left the DNC during the presidential campaign, leaving the committee for weeks without a Spanish speaker on its media staff.
The DNC did not respond to multiple phone calls and emails requesting comment. 
I guess they figured they did not need to work for the Hispanic vote and they didn't seem to get it in the numbers that they needed to win. The Trump campaign had permanent Hispanic staff in 10 states who I assume all knew Spanish while the DNC had zero. Kind of shows you how much the DNC cares about Hispanics.

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