Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Post-Mortem: It Was the Economy Stupid

Well the elites had it wrong again. It seems many Americans voted pocket-book over every other concern.
The state of the economy played a heavy role. Eight years beyond the Great Recession, 62 percent of voters rated the economy’s condition negatively – rising to 85 percent of Trump voters. Twenty-seven percent said their family’s financial situation has worsened in the last four years – rising to 44 percent of Trump voters. And 34 percent said they expect life for the next generation of Americans to be worse than it is now – rising, again, to 45 percent of Trump voters.
I think many Trump supporters thought Hillary was just more of the same stagnation and the Dems did not ask the question "are you better off now than 8 years ago." Trump supporters said "Hell No!"

I have to say one thing to Trump. Now deliver. I was promised tax cuts and GDP growth and an end to regulation and stagnation. No 3AM tweeting. No going after whomever for saying whatever. Pick the best men and women for the jobs and run this country like a good CEO. If we have 4% GDP growth and I'm paying 15% Cap Gain taxes he will have succeeded in putting America back on track.

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