Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Election Post-Mortem: It was the Elites Talking Down to Regular Americans

I think this election is seriously the revenge of the working-class voter against the technocrats and the elite. The idea that Clinton seemed to have gotten off scott-free from FBI investigation after FBI investigation for doing something that would have gotten any other American years in prison. You add that to the sweetheart deal that Bill Clinton cut with Lynch on the parked airplane and the rules "were for you and not them."

The Great Silent majority wanted a businessman to fix the economy and not the person that was there for the last 30 years. You add to this the level of condensation that the media and the elites in America kept heaping on regular working class people and you have a the recipe for a big upset.

You saw this with the Brexit 100%. Powerful monied interests, Euro-centric technocrats, lifelong bureaucrats in Brussels and British glitterai like JK Rowlings all told regular working class Britons that they were stupid. They didn't like that and the Brexit was passed. The same exact thing happened to regular Americans.

They are scared that the world is moving against them and Hillary and Obama are doing and would do nothing to help them. Imagine a working-class guy in his 50s that is trying to take care of a family. His job gets outsourced to Mexico or Vietnam and Hillary wants him to take class coding Android apps as the only way forward for him. She didn't offer tax cuts, ways to punish that company for leaving the US, or any legitimate way for him to make ends meet for his family. This guy bitterly clung to his guns and religion and went right into the basket of deplorables. He lived in the fly-over states so the Democrat party (that he would normally support) forgot about him. It is weird to see a billionaire as the working-mans friend but the Roosevelt's are case-in-point where a very rich guy helped the poor quite a bit.

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