Friday, April 08, 2016

Yet Another Reason to Not Vote for Trump: His Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski Sounds like a Giant Asshole

This guy sounds like someone who should not be anywhere near a position of actual power.
Maloney described Lewandowski’s management style as unusually aggressive, lacing his interactions with employees with expletives and calling individual staff to berate them, even when they were not his direct reports.

When Maloney missed a conference call to attend to his ill grandmother, Lewandowski called him at his grandmother’s beside.
“My grandmother is literally dying, having Last Rites administered and I get a call from Corey chewing me out, asking who the hell did I think I was missing this conference call,” he said.”
 This anecdote sounds like something a 12-year old would do
Bast later organized another volunteer event closer to the election, which featured Republican strategist Dick Morris. As a part of the preparations, she had ordered 125 box lunches for volunteers who attended; but when Lewandowski decided the lunch shouldn’t be shared unless the volunteers also made calls for the phone bank, Bast said Lewandowski threw all 125 lunches in the garbage. “Corey said, ‘If they don’t phone bank they’re not getting f**king fed.’”

These are volunteers which means they are GOP true-believers and water carriers. I guess he figured he could get free labor out of them but when he didn't get his way he lashed out like a child. This sounds like the work of a sociopath.
Imagine if this maniac gets a position like Chief of Staff in a *shudder* Trump White house. Yet another reason to vote for ABT (anyone but Trump.) Hopefully this Lewandowski will get pinched on that battery charge where he roughed up that reporter at the Trump rally and get a little comeuppance.

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