Friday, April 08, 2016

It Seems Some People Want Marine General James Mattis to be the 3rd party GOP Nominee #NeverTrump

A viable candidate finally comes into view.
The pro-Mattis donors, who want to stay anonymous for the time being, have assembled a core group of seven political operatives, led by Joel Searby, a Republican consultant based in Florida. The group of strategists also includes lead attorney Mohammad Jazil; ballot access specialist Matthew Sawyer; and former George W. Bush pollster Jan Lohuizen, along with a finance team and a “top firm” that has been secured to lead the ballot access petition gathering, members of the team tell The Daily Beast.
If we get to a third ballot this is the kind of guy that looks very appealing to many on the GOP. This guy is war hero and not a chicken-hawk fake tough-guy like Trump. Plus this is the kind of guy that will be serious in silly season. You won't catch this guy making fun of some guys wife or complaining like a little kid about "being treated fairly."

Also he never married and has no kids and had basically became a "Warrior Monk" while he was in the Marines. He would easily have the discipline for all the hard stuff that it takes to be President. The best part is he seems electable compared to Cruz. The General called to service a la Eisenhower.

They just need a way to keep Trump from running as a third party. Hmm maybe he could win a three way race. The Trumpites would come in at maybe 20% (GOP defections would be rampant and Mattis doesn't just talk tough like Trump,) Hillary might get 30% or so (or less if she is indited) and Mattis might get 40-50%?  

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