Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump Almost Sounds like a Pre-WW2 Isolationist

Hmm this is a very different foreign policy then even the Democrats are sporting.
"We went from mistakes in Iraq to Egypt to Libya, to President Obama's line in the sand in Syria," Trump said Wednesday. "Each of these actions have helped to throw the region into chaos, and gave ISIS the space it needs to grow and prosper."

Those comments happen to echo Russia's Vladimir Putin, who believes U.S. intervention in places like Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and Syria were mistakes that had dangerous destabilizing effects.
I know Putin has some sort of weird respect for Trump so their world-views might be very similar. I know if we didn't leave Iraq ISIS would be a footnote right now. So total non-intervention is not always a smart idea. I wonder if Trump will get rid of bases in Korea and Japan? I mean those wars have been "won" already and thus we should pull out if you go by the "Trump doctrine."

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