Monday, April 18, 2016

Picture of Syrian Students in Keffiyehs Mistaken for "Racial Insensitivity" by NJAP (Not Just a Party at UIUC) Wait aren't they named after a Racist Slur againt Japanese?

Now this is what you call knee-jerk racial/cultural animus at its finest.
The two groups said the party’s theme was not “rooted in racist sentiment.” As the Daily Illini reports, the student wearing the Native American headdress was dressed as a Cancun-based DJ while the two men dressed in keffiyehs were, in fact, both of Syrian descent and wanted to celebrate their heritage.

But their explanation failed to appease some students.

“Although that story might justify on an individual level, it does not justify on a systemic level because when people see it, they don’t know that story. When they see it, they see it as a justification for wearing cultural costumes,” Yousuf says, in reference to the men wearing keffiyehs.
So just wearing a keffiyeh among white folks is not correct behavior to these grievance groups? Even if it is to celebrate their culture? I guess this Yoursef cannot be arsed to get an actual explanation of what is happening in a picture. He sees keffiyehs and white people and says "systemic level" whatever and goes into full grievance mode.

However, I am offended by their name:

A number of student activist groups on campus – including Students for Justice in Palestine, the Black Students for Revolution, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan and the Campus Union for Trans Equality and Support — joined forces to form “Not Just a Party at UIUC” (NJAP) in response to the photo, according to Muhammad Yousuf, a junior at the UIUC and a member of NJAP.

NJAP contains a slur against Japanese people and they should change their name immediately. I cannot tolerate the insensitivity and "systemic level" whatever toward Asians shown by these groups.

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