Thursday, April 07, 2016

I Think the Red Chinese have a North Korean Spy in their Midst: Kim Jong Il Assassins nabbed at the Border

If I were the Red Chinese it is time to put the Chinese version of George Smiley on the case. It seems that someone tipped off someone if this is true.
The suspects had been reportedly arrested at the China border near the Tumen River as they were preparing a hit on Kim in the city of Hoeryong in North Hamgyong Province, Radio Free Asia reported Thursday.

A source in the North who spoke to Japanese news service Asia Press on the condition of anonymity said he had heard the "terrorists" had not yet crossed the Tumen, which separates North Korea from China, when North Korean border guards crossed the border to arrest them.
So these border guards crossed into China to grab these guys before they could even cross the river? It seems that someone high up in the Chinese government might be sending some messages to whomever. Or if the Chinese were smart this group is just a decoy and groups of real assassins have already infiltrated the country. Kind of a "watch your back Little Kim" move.

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