Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Yet Another Reason to Avoid American Airlines: Mother Loses it After 12 Hour! Delay turns into a Cancellation

I would have lost my shit as well because this is egregious.
IE spoke with Jade Weng, the woman who shot the video of the airport tirade that is being seen around the world.

"She was the first one to meltdown and the crowd got further agitated," Weng said. "Had there been a more clear and transparent communication, we would have been more understanding." 

When Weng posted the video to YouTube, she wrote: “The flight was delayed for 12 hours and finally canceled. Passengers had been waiting since 7pm on 3/24. This was recorded at 2am 3/25. Situation then escalated after as the gate agent called the cops on the passengers after 2am. The lack of communication and sympathy from American Airlines is just unbelievable. No hotel voucher was given. Only a $12 food voucher at 2am.”
There needs to be legislation to regulate this kind of behavior by airlines. After being delayed for like 3 hours or something the flight must be cancelled by FAA rules or something. Everyone would have gotten a voucher to fly the next day or for a free night at a hotel by rule. Maybe the airline can file with the FAA for re-reimbursement so they don't take a hit. In any case hopefully this mother will change airlines when its time for the next Disney cruise vacation.

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