Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Rush Looking to Buy the Rams?

Now this is interesting news. I wonder if he is going to call them the St. Louis Reagan's or maybe the St. Louis Gippers would be pretty good choice as well. Their helmet sticker could be an elephant tackling a balding, pony-tailed liberal. It is interesting to see how sports franchises have dropped in price due to the recession:

Sports financiers said that when the Rams first began fielding offers from potential buyers the asking price was $900 million. Now, they said, the asking price has dropped to a range of $750 million to $800 million. That is due in part to the recent restructuring of the ownership of the Pittsburgh Steelers, which placed the value of the team at about $750 million.

Wow, even the Steelers with their insane fan-base, 6 Super Bowls, and a fairly new Stadium is worth far less than the $1.024 billion in inflation adjusted dollars that Dan Snyder paid for the Redskins in 1999.

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