Thursday, April 20, 2017

@ThePromiseFilm looks like the Worst Bomb in a Long Time: Cost $100 Million and Made $4 Million so Far

I guess a love story based during the Armenian Genocide is simply box office poison.
In her forecast, THR’s Pamela McClintock writes that things are looking exceedingly bleak for the Bale-Isaac romantic drama, which is set against the backdrop of Armenian genocide. Produced for $100 million by the late Kirk Kerkorian via his Survival Pictures, The Promise is predicted to net only about $4 million domestically, which — considering what that means for its prospects in subsequent weeks — is a doomsday scenario. While producers are downplaying such a situation, claiming that what’s really important is that all theatrical receipts go toward funding nonprofits (including Elton John’s AIDS foundation), there’s no way to truly sugarcoat its expected box-office crash and burn.

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