Thursday, April 06, 2017

@SenKamalaHarris Seems like a Serious Pragmatist

With this kind of thinking the Dems might actually make a comeback in 2018.
As the Democratic party tries to claw its way back to control of Congress, she wanted them to at least consider rallying behind some of its most conservative — and most vulnerable — politicians.
“It was a room full of people who did not want to hear that,” Harris said Thursday in a meeting with reporters and editors in The Times’ Washington bureau. “They were like, ‘What happened? Why are you saying this?’”

She would rather try to keep the GOP from having a veto-proof margin in the Senate instead of kicking these middle-road Dems out of the tent. Very pragmatic. This statement makes her sound like anything but a fire-brand liberal.
But she suggested the party has too often seized on wedge, identity politics issues that divide voters. “What I do know about those two ladies and that guy is when we wake up at 3 in the morning or something is troubling us, it is never through the lens of, ‘am I Democrat or Republican,’ or on our identity based on what other people have decided is our identity.”
Instead, she said, it is economic issues that weigh on people: their bills, their job troubles, their difficulty getting health insurance.
Yeah and paying for college and such. If the Dems stuck to middle-class economic issues they would bring a lot of those blue-state Trump supporters back into their party. They don't care very much about identity politics or to be called racists or deplorables and such. They want to pay their bills, send their kids to college, and own a house and such. They definitely don't seem to care about transgender bathrooms or Black Lives Matter.

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