Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Trump Screwups: Gives out Lindsey Graham's Personal Cell Phone Number: Wait Wouldn't that Be Illegal?

You would figure that this latest blunder would be illegal.
In a characteristically rambling speech to reporters in Bluffton, S.C., Trump told the crowd that Graham once called “begging” him to put in a good word with “Fox & Friends,” the Fox News morning show on which the billionaire businessman and “Celebrity Apprentice” host was a frequent guest.

Trump read aloud Graham’s private telephone number from a piece of paper at the podium.
“Maybe it’s an old number,” Trump told his supporters. “I don’t know, give it a shot.”
A call to the phone number by Yahoo News went to Graham’s voice mailbox, which was full.
Isn't Graham a sitting Senator? You would figure his personal cell number would be a guarded deal because it can be used for all sorts of different hacks and such. Oh well, I guess it is time for Graham to get a new cell phone and send a bill to Trump.

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