Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Apple Watch Looks like a Dismal Failure after the Early Adoption Rush

It seems Apple Watch is not moving the needle at all.
A slew of recent third-party data has not painted too bright of a picture of Apple Watch sales. One of the most stark is research from Slice Intelligence, which noted Fitbit (FIT) devices outsold the Apple Watch in May, selling 850,000 devices, compared to 777,000 Apple Watches sold. There are multiple Fitbit devices--seven in total--compared to just one Apple Watch (albeit in three versions).
So Fitbit is beating out the Apple Watch? It seems that people who use the Fitbit don't really want to see the weather in Cupertino on their wrist and can just pull their phones out of their pocket. Since people rarely use the cell phone for phone calls talking on your wrist lost its novelty. I think wearing a watch for anything other than a piece of status jewelry is kind of dying. It would be interesting to see how many early Apple Watch owners have the thing sitting on their dresser gathering dust.

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