Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Here is Something America can be Proud of: We have Visited all 9 Planets (Pluto is a planet in my eyes) in the Solar System #PlutoisaPlanet

I'm sure Ariana Grande is not happy about this but as we visit Pluto we have gone 9 for 9 on planetary visits and just completed the set. However, I think we need to go do a Pluto orbiter next because that world sounds pretty nuts.
Researchers said they can't wait to get a look at the close-approach data. Their appetites have been whetted by observations gathered over the past few weeks showing that Pluto and Charon are complex worlds with surprisingly diverse surfaces.

For example, Pluto sports a polar ice cap and a huge, bright, heart-shaped feature, as well as a giant dark patch mission scientists have dubbed "the whale." Charon, for its part, is scored by craters and canyons, and harbors an enigmatic, 200-mile-wide (320 km) dark blotch at its north pole.
I'm certain "the Whale" and the "Dark Spot of Charon" are alien bases where the Grays launch missions into the interior of our solar system.

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