Monday, July 13, 2015

Maisie Williams Hates Math, is Awesome, and has the Best Yearbook Quote Suggestion Ever!

She is one of the good things about celebrity culture.
Back in June, a young fan named Rachael Wood tweeted at the actress, requesting a quote for her yearbook. She provided no specific guidelines, she just said, "...if you tweet me back I'll make whatever you say my quote." 

"Anyone can be killed," is how the "Game of Thrones" actress responded to the odd request. Clearly, she turned to her Stark blood for inspiration. 
I think that Faceless Man training on Game of Thrones is paying off. This is also funny:
"And then when I went into secondary school, I just … I started to hate maths because of my teachers. And I feel like that['s] what it is for a lot of people. It’s like, sometimes you don’t get along with your teachers and you start to hate the subjects. It was just like totally what happened with me. So, I’d kill all three of my math teachers … But I wouldn’t actually kill anyone. No."
Wait for the backlash from the math teachers of the world. I have to agree though because my math teacher in high school was awful. It goes to show how important some teachers are to the rest of your life.

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