Friday, July 10, 2015

It Seems that some of Trump's Anti-Immigrant Behavior Might Have just been Red Meat for the Nativist Wing of the GOP #DumpTrump

Hmm if this Trump was running for President he might actually win.
For over an hour, Trump listened intently, asked thoughtful questions, and gave us examples of Latino employees he held in high regard. He then asked each of the DREAMers to describe their journeys, which were compelling and mirrored every value each American shares: education, work ethic, community, faith and family. After I summed up the conversation with “immigrants are a value proposition to America,” he stood up, waved his hands in dramatic Donald fashion and exclaimed, “You’ve convinced me!”
Yeah I guess this was just an act for this particular immigrant organization. Or maybe the anti-immigrant Trump is the fake one? In any case he is an idiot that needs to be out of the GOP race as soon as possible.

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