Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Veggie Burger for McDonalds? Tips to Fix McDonalds is spot on

I think this might be a hit depending on how it tastes.

Introduce an improved, protein-based version of the old McVeggie Burger. “This would be a great option for vegetarians and people trying to reduce meat in their diet,” said Mistry. “McDonald’s is sometimes the only option for people traveling or in remote areas or in a late-night pinch.” But don’t do it as an afterthought — make it delicious, said Erin McKenna, founder of Erin McKenna’s Bakery, the vegan outposts in New York, L.A., and Walt Disney World in Orlando. “Make it an item that even meat-eaters can’t resist.”
It would have to be very tasty though but I would at least try it to see if it is any good. I agree with this suggestion as well.
“Put a Big Mac up against ‘Big Macs’ made by Shake Shack or In-N-Out Burger and I guarantee you that no one will pick the McDonald’s Big Mac.” A few chefs suggested organic and grass-fed options. “Higher quality ingredients and a slightly thicker patty would make a great burger,” said Kris Yenbamroong, the chef of Night + Market and Night + Market Song in L.A. 
I actually enjoy the taste of Big Macs but I think it is more nostalgia based then anything else. If I didn't have them as a kid I would not rush out to eat them now. The burgers at Shake Shack and Teddy's Bigger Burgers here in Hawaii are a 100x better than a standard Big Mac. Their burgers have a bigger patty and have nice melty cheese on them that the Big Mac lacks. The bun is also nice and fresh and much better than the generic sesame bun on a Big Mac. I think the thin grey meat patties and the sauce turns off a lot of burger lovers out there. 

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