Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Saudi's Move Toward Getting the Bomb: The Arms Race Begin! #MiddleEasternColdWar

I can see their position when playing the "Great Game" against Iran.
The Sunday Times reported the move by the Saudis -- said by the newspaper to have been bankrolling much of the Pakistani nuclear program for three decades -- comes amid concern among Sunni Arab nations over a framework deal on Iran's nuclear program that aims to limit Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.
The framework deal was hammered out by world powers and Tehran in talks that ended in early April. The parties have until the end to June to work out the details and finalize the plan. 
They Saudi's have been sold down the river by Obama's White House so they have to fend for themselves. So they need the right of deterrent when Iran goes nuclear. It is a perfectly logical way to protect their interests. Now they will be able to have a freer hand in any proxy wars that should pop up against Iran. In other words a cold war is now settling over the Middle East thanks to the Obama White House. A more dangerous world indeed.

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